Investing in Vancouver Island Waterfront

All across Canada and the United States, waterfront homes with ocean or lake frontage are worth on average more than 2x the value of similar homes not located on the water.

Investing in Vancouver Island Waterfront is an investment in a very high quality asset that maintains its value, even during downturns in the real estate market. When the market is hot, prices increase faster than non-waterfront properties and over the long-term a waterfront property will provide greater returns with greater security and satisfaction to the homeowner or investor.

Limited availability, desireability and the association with a luxury lifestyle, especailly in urban areas conspire to keep waterfront prices higher than average with properties changing hands less often and between more discerning buyers. Affluent buyers choose lifestyle properties: lush vegetation, fresh breezes, superb wildlife, and the serenity of the water itself, waterfront homes give access to nature at its very finest.

A sound financial investment

Scarcity and high demand: There are only so many waterfront homes available, and the level of scarcity combined with high demand can make waterfront property a wise investment1. Many people choose waterfront homes as second homes and think of them as both an investment and a getaway1.

Strong potential for appreciation: Waterfront properties typically see higher appreciation than inland properties2. This is because waterfront properties are highly desirable and in high demand2.

Rental income: If you own a second home on the waterfront, you can rent it out for up to 180 days per year when you’re not using it1. This can provide a source of rental income, which can help offset the costs of owning the property.

Waterfront property can be a strong financial investment due to its scarcity, high demand, potential for appreciation, and the possibility of rental income.